Penile Inversion Vaginoplasty

This is an MtF sex reassignment surgery in which the external male genitalia are replaced with female ones.

In my practice generally used the penile inversion technique. During this operation the testicles are removed (orchiectomy) and the scrotal skin is used to create new labia majora (neolabioplasty). The corpora cavernosa are also totally removed and the penile skin is used for the neovagina reconstruction.  Sometimes part of the scrotum skin is used as a skin graft for the reconstruction of the new vaginal vault. Part of the glans penis tissue is used for the neoclitoris reconstruction (with preservation of sensory nerves for keeping erogen sensation of the neoclitoris). The urethra is shortened and placed in a new position (female).

FAQ about vagynoplasty

My experience in SRS more then 100 patients for last 15 years.

Vaginoplasty is usually a one stage surgery. But some additional interventions for aesthetic purposes can’t be excluded in a future (auto fat transfer, scars correction and etc.).

The most common complication is partial skin necrosis of the neovagina and further scar’s stricture of the neovagina, which usually requires 1-2
additional surgeries to correct either using of the vaginal dilators (spacers).

2-3 weeks is an average term.

All tests and any other preop examination will provide in clinic.

Doctor’s Letter about your current status and anything that has happened to your health in the past.

At least for 3 weeks no driving and no sitting long time at all (more than 15-20 min continuously) as well as cycling after the surgery.

The prices vary and depend on the specifics of each particular case. For more information about the costs, photos and any other further information, please contact us.

Neovaginoplasty after surgery photos

Ask vaginoplasty photos

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