Composite metoidioplasty



Urethroplasty-urethral lengthening.



Short description

Clitoris has lengthening maximally by the dissection of suspensory and fundiform ligaments. Urethral reconstruction performing by vaginal flap rotation combined with urethral plate in bulbar part of urethra. Further has using the labia minoras flap thru the tubularisation and deepithelized labia minoras tissues for covering neourethra with/or using free flap of vaginal mucosa for urethral lengthening if labia minoras tissues are not enough. Labia minoras tissues using for covering body of neophallus also. The drainage into the neourethra.

The scrotum has creating by flaps rotation taken from labia majoras. Vaginectomy may perform only if hysterectomy was done not less then 3 months before or early. Full time of surgery: 3.5-4 hrs. General or sacral anaesthesia.

One night at the stationary facility need to stay after surgery.

Patient is being under surgeon’s supervision at the outpatient office for 1 week as minimum. If there will be no signs of inflammation or infection patient is can come back home.

Among common recommendation for patient are to refrain from physical exercises and swimming as well as any water spa for the 6 weeks after surgery and from bicycle riding for 3 months as minimum. 



  1. What is your personal experience in SRS?

– My experience in SRS more then 100 patients for last 15 years.

  1. Do you do everything for the metoidioplasty in one stage or are they separates into stages?

– It is one stage for Composite Metoidioplasty, including urethral Urethroplasty-urethral lengthening, Scrotoplasty and Vaginectomy.

  1. What is the most often complication of the composite metoidioplasty?

– Approximately 25% of my patients faced with neourethra complications (fistulas and strictures), usually 1-2 additional surgeries require for correction of neourethra.

  1. Scrotoplasty, have you performed it in separate stage or in the same surgery with meto? What about testicular implantation?

– The scrotoplasty performing with metoidioplasty in same stage, but testicular implants puttin’ in later. It is never performing Scrotoplasty and testicular implants in same stage. For these operations need two separate stages as minimum, with 3 months or longer time between;

  1. What kind of testicular implants you have used?

– Usually for testicular implantation I’ve use the EUROSILICONE (France) or POLYTECH (Germany) silicone implants; 

  1. How long patient stay at the hospital after surgery?

– 1-2 days 

  1. How long is time of follow up period after surgery?

– 2-3 weeks is average term of staying for patients after meto in Minsk.

  1. Do patient need preop labs or an ECG before leave home for surgery?

– All tests and any other preop examination will provide in clinic. 

  1. Will patient need to bring any medical supplies?

– Doctor’s Letter about your current status and all that happened with your health in the past

  1. How long do you suggest waiting before driving after surgery?

– As minimum for 3 weeks no driving and no sitting long time at all (more than 15-20 min continuously) after surgery moment.

  1. What is the metoidioplasty cost?

– The prices are vary and depends on types of the surgery.

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